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ZipServers, Inc. Report Card
Contact Information

Tel: 1-800-560-3450
Email: sales@zipsupport.com
Website: http://www.zipservers.com
Address: 2410 W. Memorial Road, Suite C-332
Oklahoma City, OK, 73134, United States of America

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Support A
Sales A
Plans / Features A
Usability A
Final Grade A
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Editor's Review
Host Introduction We offer ZipRewards points where customers earn credits.
We offer Managed Services.
Sales Review Grade: A
What we like: The ZipServers.com sales staff take on a unique approach. While providing the conventional phone, live chat and email which do well and provide professional assistance they offer this really cool feature called the ServerGenie.

The ServerGenie allows you the customer to submit a customized hosting solution along with a price you can afford to pay for it. If your lucky the genie will grant your wish and approve the request. You can sure get some great deals with this genie tool.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Support Review Grade: A
What we like: What impressed us with ZipServers support technicians is the attention to detail, not to mention the above and beyond help provided.

Before our server was delivered, we were notified that technicians performed security audit checks and system hardening. This was to ensure that the server performed at ultimate performance and free from any vulnerabilities.

We weren’t surprised either when we contacted support for help. All tickets we submitted were acknowledged within 5 minutes or less and based on the complexity of issues submitted we were met with excellent resolution times.

While the preferred method is through the trouble ticket system, you can chat directly with technicians via live chat as well. This feature really helped understand resolution updates that were provided and understanding how certain issues could be avoided.
What needs improvement: We were not able to notice anything at this time, we experienced exceptional support.
Plans / Features Review Grade: A
What we like: Feature packed Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server options are on the agenda at ZipServers.com.

The versatile shared hosting plan with the robust Plesk control panel included, performs extremely well for the customer just starting out.

Our favorite would have to be the VPS services. The entire suite of virtual options are scalable, so they grow with you and without all the headaches of having to migrate or experience downtime while hardware upgrades are performed. A few clicks of a button and you can increase your disk space, RAM, bandwidth and any other additional allocations that you need (with ZERO downtime).

Not to be outdone, ZipServers.com also specializes in providing an excellent range of Managed Dedicated Servers. We particularly enjoyed reviewing the secure Private Network included on the duoZ line of servers. The ability to setup a secure private line between you and the server, with unlimited data transfer sure is a nice feature to be provided with.

Overall, when testing each of the three high availability options provided by ZipServers.com we weren’t left disappointed.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Usability Review Grade: A
What we like: Navigating through the ZipServers.com website is effortless.

While providing a great navigational system to move from one section of the site to another, the most important elements we could distinguish were the Product sections and the Store section.

The Product section goes into product detail comparisons, options and pricing, while the Store section allows you to customize your selected hosting solution and proceed through the signup process.

The shared hosting options come with everything pre-configured, while the customizable options available with the VPS and Dedicated Servers seem endless.
What needs improvement: None at this time.
Conclusion Grade: A
Small to medium sized businesses. Resellers.
Sales Review
Ticket Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Email Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Live Chat Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Phone Sales Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Toll-Free Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Sales Contact Details
Sales Telephone 1-800-560-3450
Sales Email sales@zipsupport.com
Main URL http://www.zipservers.com
Billing Details
Payment Methods
Account Activation Period 1 day or less
Order Verification Documents Required No
Money Back Guarantee
Does Host have an Money Back Guarantee? No
Support Review
Ticket Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Email Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Live Chat Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Phone Support Yes
24 x 7 ? Yes
Response Time (Initial Acknowledgement) Excellent
Response Time (Issue Resolved) Excellent
Does Host have an SLA? Yes
If yes, what percentage is the SLA? 99.9%
Hyperlink to SLA http://www.zipservers.com

Consumer Reviews
Title Reviewed by Sales Support Plans Usability Submitted
Good service Jonathan Corry A A A A 6/13/2015 12:24:20 PM
ZipServers VPS hosting is the top notch David M. A A A A 4/2/2015 10:29:24 PM
Mr Aldo Rubio Abrego A A A A 3/29/2015 8:31:46 PM
ZipServers Review Rob Hildyard A A A A 3/29/2015 7:37:17 AM
Awesome Service, Fantastic support A Mehta A A A A 3/28/2015 12:28:57 PM
Excelent host, Recommended Ismail Rafiq A B B A 3/27/2015 2:55:11 AM
Great Support Bryce B A A A 3/26/2015 2:11:56 PM
Excellent Service Appreciative Customer A A A A 3/26/2015 11:29:35 AM
Reliable, Friendly Hosting Jamie Welch A A A A 8/30/2011 10:44:56 PM
ZipServers have good support Ahmed B A B B 3/1/2010 11:46:53 AM
Great Service,Value for Money Rajkumar A A A A 2/21/2010 10:35:37 AM
Excellent customer service Betrand A A A C 8/22/2009 2:22:19 AM
Best Company Zyad A A A A 8/11/2009 7:59:06 AM
Great Services Lee A A A A 6/14/2009 2:51:31 AM
Managed Support Christina Stevenson A A A A 3/27/2008 12:05:51 AM

Hosting Plans
Plan Category Price Storage Transfer
Dedicated 13 Dedicated $479.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 12 Dedicated $389.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 11 Dedicated $329.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 10 Dedicated $289.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 9 Dedicated $259.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 8 Dedicated $359.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 7 Dedicated $309.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 6 Dedicated $279.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 5 Dedicated $249.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 4 Dedicated $209.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 3 Dedicated $209.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 2 Dedicated $199.00  500GB  5000GB 
Dedicated 1 Dedicated $189.00  500GB  5000GB 
Cloud 1 CloudLinux $7.97  10GB  1500GB 
VPS-VM6 Cloud VPS $69.95  100GB  6000GB 
VPS-VM4 Virtual Private Servers $44.95  60GB  4000GB 
VPS-VM3 Virtual Private Servers $39.95  50GB  3000GB 
VPS-VM2 Virtual Private Servers $34.95  20GB  2000GB 
VPS-VM1 Virtual Private Servers $29.95  10GB  1500GB 
CentOS Managed VPS1 Virtual Private Servers $29.95  10GB  250GB 
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Excellent Managed Server Provider!
04/2008 / Co-Location.
Excellent Co-Location Services

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