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   How to Find a Web Hosting Provider.
We test Web Hosts so you don't have to. Learn from our Web Hosting Reviews.
FindMyHost is unique in that we test every web host company listed on our network. In addtion, your purchase made through FindMyHost is protected by our Consumer Guarantee.

1. Search for a web host using our unique tools. Get started now.
There are several ways to use FindMyHost as your number one search for a quality web hosting company.  Here is a informative guide and tips on how to get started.  

To start things off , have you registered a domain name for your website?  On the top right side of FindMyHost homepage you can easily search for a domain name and check to see if it is available.  We recommend you purchase a domain name from an Approved Host or an ICANN accredited agency to ensure your domain name is securely purchased.  ICANN Registrars are clearly listed in all report cards under the Domain Name category.  Another key point to remember is that the majority of web hosting companies offer domain registration services and you will often find that a domain name is included with the purchase of web hosting. 

The next step, if you have not already done so, is to make a list of services and features you require for your website.  Here are a few basic requirements when making your list: 

How much are you willing to pay?  Web Hosting caters to everyone.  There are web hosting companies that offer free hosting, budget hosting (usually under $20/mo) and higher end Virtual Private Server, Co-Location services and Dedicated Servers.  There is a plan to suite all needs and knowing what you can afford will help you narrow your choices.   

How much disc space will I need?  Depending on the type of web site you are building, most sites don’t require much more than 10MB to build. Extra features such as photo galleries, databases, etc require more space.  Always over estimate or select a company who can accommodate your expansion in the future. 

How much traffic will your site receive?  When starting out, this question may pose as a difficult one to figure out as you may not be aware of how popular your site will be. Always good tip of advice, always over estimate to ensure you don't incur any additional costs.  

What web hosting server should I choose?  You have the choice between UNIX and Windows NT.  We have compiled a compressive article on the two here that will inform you of the features that are offered between the two.  The server quality are equally the same.  It’s a matter of selecting the right server that will accommodate the features you have planned for the site.

2. Search Approved Hosts Report Cards
Now that we have a list of features you are looking for, you can move into searching the FindMyHost Network for Guaranteed and Approved Web Hosts. A great place to start is to enter your requirements into our Approved Host search query.  You can find this search engine on every top navigation bar as well as our homepage. Search results will only yield hosts who meet your criteria. You can review their detailed report card by clicking on 'view complete report card' and you can review features, server requirements, and servicesfor each web host.  Don't forget to read consumers reviews submitted by current and past customers,read the company interviesw with their CEO or  Sales Director and get a general feel of the company's offerings.  If you require further information on the company, we have listed their sales email for you to send them some further questions, and you can always click on their company name and it will take you directly to their website.

3. Review Homepage listings for Special Offers
After reviewing the report cards, visit our homepage and take a look at the special offers available.  Special Offer banners and Text links are positioned all over our network as well. 

FindMyHost partners with companies willing to offer special deals found only on the FindMyHost Network.  > To receive any of the specials, you need to click on the offers you are interested in.  You can gather more information on any company listed on our Network by seelcitng a compe in the Approved Hosts Report Card database.  Here you can learn specific information on the Web host you are interested in. A full list of services and features are at your fingertips. Many Report Cards also feature reviews by consumers, Web Host Magazine, and FindMyHost review editors.
4. Guaranteed Host Marketplaces
Once reviewing the Special Offers sprinkled throughout our network, We suggest you search our Consumer Reviews. All purchases made through the Guaranteed Hosts marketplace are Guaranteed - meaning if you run in to problems FindMyHost will help you resolve them.
To make reviewing Hosts easier, you will find direct links to the Hosts Report Cards, Interviews, and Web Host Magazine reviews.  In each Consumer Review report card, you can navigate detailed information about the Web Host you are interested in. To get started visit the Consumer Reviews homepage.
5. Customized Quotes to meet your specific needs
Another great option for Host hunting is to submit a Quick Quote. Quick Quote matches your selection with Web Hosts who meet your exact specifications. You are not bombarded with companies who do not meet your request. Simply submit your information into our system along with the features and services you require, and companies will bid for your business.  Only Guaranteed Hosts will contact you.

To submit a QuickQuote please click here.
6. Guaranteed Host Protection
FindMyHost Guarantees every purchase you make from our Network of sites.  When you purchase web hosting by clicking on a banner or text link you are protected by the Guaranteed Hosting program. 

Should a problem arise, simply fill out of conflict resolution form and we will help to resolve the problem.

Where can I find a Guaranteed Web Host on FindMyHost.com?
Guaranteed Hosts are easy to find. Any banners or text links you see on FindMyHost.com are from Guaranteed Web Hosts. Essentially anywhere you look on FindMyHost.com you will see a Guaranteed Web Host. We only allow Web Hosts who have passed our rigorous testing program advertise on FindMyHost.com. If you still need assurance, try the following Web Hosting Guides:
Guaranteed Host Spotlight

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